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March 18, 2021

Check Out These 8 Inspirational Spring Wedding Ideas

Planning a Spring Wedding?

Springtime is such an amazing time of year to get married and it isn’t hard to see why so many couples choose the Spring season for their Wedding day! After the colder months, everyone is always happy and excited for warmer temperatures, brighter colors, and sunshine! Here are a few ideas for your Spring Wedding!

With longer days and winter’s recent end, people are looking forward to a more cheerful outlook. Early spring is also off-peak time, so you can count on more friends and family to attend your special day.

The season also allows for more festive creativity in your spring wedding planning. There are flowers aplenty and blooming, and vibrant décor possibilities. Here are some spring wedding ideas to make your ceremony pop.

1. Embrace Spring Flowers

Take advantage of the season’s blooming florals. This is one of the more obvious spring wedding ideas. You can combine a beautiful mix of fragrant and delicate textures that symbolize spring and new beginnings.

You’ll also have a great variety of choices and colors, from bright and bold to pastels. Since spring flowers are already big and vibrant, fillers will hardly be necessary. Some of the great spring flowers you can use include:

  • Anemones
  • Sweet peas
  • Tulips
  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Ranunculus
  • Hydrangeas
  • Lilac

Embrace spring flowers, and your wedding is sure to exude the springtime spirit.

2. Have a Touch of Spring in Your Outfits

Floral or pastel pants or ties are great for spring weddings. Floral dress patterns are also a graceful way to incorporate spring. Have your guests wear a floral frock or a sundress.

Flower crowns are also a great accessory for a spring wedding. They’re not only for the flower girls either. Bridesmaids and even the bride can wear flower crowns and own the spring theme.

3. A Spring Color Palette

A pastel color scheme is essential to a spring wedding. If you want your spring wedding to be more unique, try nontraditional combinations of pastels. Here are some combinations we love:

  • Lavender and mint
  • Marigold, azalea, and fern
  • French blue, white, and soft pinks

Other wedding color ideas for spring are lemon and peach. They’re a cheerful combination of citruses. Paler shades of green and gray give the same effect as neutrals and make flowers and other colors stand out.

4. Add Floral Touches Everywhere

You can’t go wrong with lots of flowers at a spring wedding. Besides wearing them, of course, you should add a floral touch to the venue as well.

A floral arch can be the celebration’s focal point. Make it the entryway to your wedding ceremony and reception. You can also line the aisle with spring flowers.

You can also add fragrant details like lavender bouquets along pathways. This can serve as a guide for guests towards their seats.

Consider using one The Madison’s included centerpieces and incorporate your own color scheme. Add specialty linens for the final touch!

5. A Spring-Themed Menu

Work with our in-house chef to develop the perfect seasonal appropriate menu. Incorporate springtime fruits and vegetables, and choose lighter entrees such as sea bass, a petite filet, or baked salmon. Add sides such as grilled asparagus, seasonal mixed vegetables, and bourbon glazed carrots.  Choose a fresh fruit tart for a dessert treat to round out your meal!

6. Spring-Inspired Favors

Send your guests home with favors that carry the springtime spirit of your wedding.

You can have guests take home a small succulent each. You can also give out a packet of seeds or plantable menu cards. They can plant these at home, and they’ll remember you and your wedding as these plants or flowers grow.

You can place these wedding favors in a mini nest. Line them with something soft like a velvet fabric or moss.

7. A Wedding Cake for Spring

Your wedding cake should also exude springtime. Floral wedding cakes are the rage for spring weddings.

Complete your spring wedding with a spring-themed cake. Opt for lighter flavors like lemon or vanilla for both the cake and the icing. Use edible flowers to decorate the entire cake.

You can also use sugar flowers or real flowers to adorn the tiers and the base of the cake.

8. Give Away the Flowers

Don’t let all those flowers go to waste. Share them with your guests by giving them away as wedding favors at the end of the night.

Make Use of These Spring Wedding Ideas for Your Spring Wedding Planning!

Springtime is perfect for weddings. The blooming and warmth and their symbolism make for a perfect season to get married. Remember these spring wedding ideas and incorporate them into your spring wedding planning.

If you already have ideas of your own, contact us today so we can help you arrange the perfect wedding!