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October 08, 2020

What Should Be Included in an All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Choose Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect and for everyone to have fun. But planning an important life event can be stressful with so many decisions to make.

Whether you want a destination wedding, a huge celebration, or a small ceremony for your closest circle, you deserve a magical wedding day.

If you want to have a stress-free planning experience and a stress-free wedding day, an all-inclusive wedding package is the perfect choice for you.

A Wedding Ballroom of Your Choice

The wedding venue is the most important aspect of your wedding. The type and size of venue will depend on the number of guests, the budget, and the type of ceremony you want. Do you want more room for dancing and mingling or prefer a big ballroom to accommodate more guests?

When you choose The Madison as your wedding venue, you choose the ballroom that fits your needs best. You can talk to your event specialist about the seating arrangements, decorations, and your vision for the space. You can also choose a room for your rehearsal dinner, along with a menu of food, drinks, and decorations.

A Dedicated Event Specialist

A full wedding package should include a dedicated event specialist to ensure a stress-free wedding. The event specialist will help you with planning everything wedding venue related, so you’ll be in great hands from start to finish.

The event specialist will take care of all the details so you can relax, focus on your wedding day, and have enough time to complete your own wedding checklist.

A Dedicated Event Coordinator

In addition to an event specialist, you’ll also have a dedicated event coordinator to make sure everything is on schedule on your wedding day. With the help of your event coordinator, you’ll know when to have your first dance, when dinner is being served, when to cut the cake, and when to throw the bouquet. All you have to do on your wedding day is show up, spend time with your guests, and enjoy your special moments with your loved ones.

A Dedicated Staff

An all-inclusive wedding package includes a full team of dedicated staff that will make sure everyone has what they need and that everything goes smoothly. A team of professional servers, carvers, bartenders, and chefs will all attend to your guests, circle around the ballroom to check if someone needs something, and make sure your guests are happy. After the wedding, all cleanup is included in your package as well.

Customizable Menu Selections

The menu is one of the most important parts of all-inclusive weddings and it can be fully customized to your taste and preferences. You can talk to the chef to create a delicious menu that will satisfy all your guests’ needs, and you can also talk about special dietary requests if needed.

Every menu item is fresh, made from scratch, and served warm to your guests. As part of your wedding package, you’ll be able to sample the menu items for both your rehearsal dinner and your wedding day to make a final choice. You can also choose between a buffet or a plated arrangement as well as a few other menu options for a different style of event.

Unlimited Beverages

In addition to a fully customized menu for your needs, an all-inclusive wedding package should also include unlimited beverages. At The Madison Event Center, we’ll also include complimentary champagne for all your guests so you can all toast together and celebrate your special day. Our package also includes signature cocktails, a wide beer and wine selection, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Additional options are available, a bourbon tasting station, liquor packages, seasonal drink stations and more.

Complimentary Decorations

If you book a full wedding package, it should include complimentary decorations for the ballroom, the guest tables and chairs, chair covers and table linens. You can choose the type, color, and style of linens, centerpieces, table decor, and color theme of the wedding.

If you decide to bring your own decorations, the staff will assist with setting up per your instructions. Talk to your dedicated event specialist to help you turn your vision into reality.

Full-Service Room Set-Up and Clean-Up

A full wedding package should include full-service room set-up. All you should have to do is talk to your event specialist about where tables are placed and the event team will take care of the rest. After the wedding is over, you don’t have to pay for cleaners or ask your friends and family to stay and help with the clean-up. An all-inclusive package will include cleaning up so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Access To a Detailed List of Vendors

Your event specialist will share a list of favorite vendors – vendors we know you will love. You can browse music options, bakeries for your cake, bridal shops, photographers and videographers, hair and makeup, florists, as well as hotel accommodation and transportation for the guests.

This will help you expand your options as the wedding venue has worked with these vendors in the past successfully.

Choose Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Whether you want a big wedding with 300 guests or a small, intimate ceremony for your closest family and friends, our all-inclusive wedding package will take the stress off wedding planning and give you a perfect day of bliss and happiness.

Ready to plan the wedding of your dreams? Let us make your special day even more magical! Contact us today to schedule a tour and choose the perfect wedding package for you.